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Saints Players Picture Gallery
Schneiderlin and Fonte
Graziano Pellè - 28.08.2014
Goalkeeping Coach Dave Watson and Fraser Forster - 24.08.2014
Florin Gardos - 24.08.2014
Shane Long - 24.08.2014
Toby Alderweireld - 18.10.2014
Dušan Tadić - 18.10.2014
Sadio Mané - 18.10.2014
Harrison Reed - 18.10.2014
Maya Yoshida - 18.10.2014
Jack Cork - 18.10.2014
Emmanuel Mayuka - 18.10.2014
Victor Wanyama - 18.10.2014
Morgan Schneiderlin and José Fonte warming up before the home game against West Bromwich Albion on Saturday 24th August

Click on this picture for more of some of Saints first team players

I intend to expand the number of pictures, as the season goes on to include as many pictures as I can get of the first team warming up, before the matches begin.

Saints 8-0 Sunderland
Clicking on the picture of the St.Mary’s scoreboard below takes you to the Sunderland match report page. There are a whole heap of extra interviews, video clips and pictures since the original report was posted. Go and have a wallow in the matches events!

That was an afternoon that will live with me for as long as I live. Simply unbelievable. As I said in the IBO Forum that evening, I walked down the stairs and out of the stadium in a daze. I was actually incoherent, until we got at least two hundred yards down the road and then I just couldn't stop smiling like an idiot.

In short it is a wonderful time to be a Saints fan.

Alt image
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I noticed an odd thing happen this week after the latest win against Leicester City. Normally, I feverishly check the Sunday papers and read all the online stories that I can find to see what is being said about Saints and how their latest win is being interpreted. Not this time.

I have become so fed up with all the condescending comments and those that just ignore Saints and instead say things like, ‘Manchester City are now eight points behind Chelsea’. Yes, they are, but they are also four points behind Saints, but that is an inconvenient truth. Things like that are just not supposed to happen to the so called ‘big clubs’. The unwritten comment is that Saints need to learn to know their place and fall into the middle order.

Gary Lineker’s face said it all on ‘Match of The Day’, after the highlights of Saints v Leicester had been on. Not so much what he said, but the way he raised his eyebrows in mock disbelief that the Saints winning run continues.

The run will come to an end sometime, but I am getting increasingly fed up with the status quo in football. In the meantime, I look forward to going to the Man City game with a ManU fan. I wonder what his take on it will be?

Channonite, 09.11.2014

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