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Rickie Scores on England Debut!

Well, who says Fairy Tales don't happen?

On Wednesday 14th August 2013, Rickie Lambert finally made his debut for England at the age of 31. Within three minutes he had showed the world what all Southampton fans already know. He is a smashing bloke, who can actually play football a bit.

Just watch Rickie's header from the corner in the FA video below and then listen to how self effacing the guy is in the interview by Saints own interviewer below that.

How could I not mark the occasion by giving over the prime space on this site to such a hugely influential and popular Saints player. In the list of great Saints folk heroes he is surely now right up at the top there with Channon, Le Tissier.

Brilliant stuff Rickie and I have to admit it brought a tear to the eye watching this back again.

channonite 16.08.2013

Watch Rickie power a header into the net to make it England 3-2 Scotland on the night.

An interview right after the game for Saints own site

2 The Point

The Ballad of John & Yoko - Osvaldo arrives

Well, that was a surprise! Even though negotiations with Roma and the player seemed to drag on, there was always the feeling that one of the big clubs would come in and whisk him away from under our noses.

On the last post here I was quite pessimistic on the chances of further signings. Then the club goes and breaks it's transfer record again

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Posted 21/08/13

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Dani Osvaldo, now a Saint

Are We Ready?

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We have had season reviews on here for the last couple of years, which have been written by Aidan Thorn, who is one of the IBO Forum regulars.

This year he has left his 2012/13 Season Review a bit later to see what impact any new signings might have.

At the time Aidan wrote this, there were just two signings, Dejan Lovren and the very high profile transfer of Victor Wanyama. What we didn't know at the time was that there was more to come, but Aidan has decided to go to print anyway.

So, click on the link below, have a read of Aidan's excellent article and then go on to the IBO Forum (link in the menu bar above) to comment.

Click here to go directly to the article

Posted 19/07/13

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