The 2022-23 Season

Saints on itsbeautifuloutside

So, the new season is approaching and itsbeautifuloutside will be covering the highs and lows of 'our' team's exploits. This season will be unusual (Whatever 'usual' is these days), in that the World Cup will interrupt the season before Christmas. So this is very much a season of two halves.

As in prevous seasons we will endeacour to cover Saints Premier League games, both home and away, the League Cup (now known by it's sponsors brand name) and the FACup games. There will also be a section on the players signed by the club in the Summer and January transfer windows.

Sports Republic

When Sports Republic completed their takeover of Saints last season (Lead Invester, Dragan Šolak pictured), we had no real idea of what to expect. It turns out they were sitting back observing and didn't make any move until the end of the season, when three of the longstanding coaches were dispensed with. The whole coaching set-up has been completely revamped under Ralph's leadership

When the transfer window opened there were various statements made about incoming transfers, which fans have got used to taking with a pinch of salt, but this time they seem to be as good as their word. We will have a look at the new players shortly, because as I write, there are still rumblings of one, or two more possible signings

World Cup & Euros

One of the things we have done in the off-season is to cover World Cup, or Euro competitions. This season we will have the abomination of a World Cup in Qatar in our Winter, with all the disruption that will bring to our domestic football programme. Ah well, money talks.

We haven't decided what we will cover, if anything, but coming slap bang in the middle of the Premier League season, it may well not be anything as extensive as we have managed before

History of the Saints

This is hosted on YouTube GB and made by Meridian Films in 1990, it has never been released on DVD and as such, there is a whole generation of fans who will never have seen it.

A word of warning though, it runs to just over 1 hour 26 minutes, so be prepared to settle down for a while...

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