team 2012-13
Barclays Premier League
St. Mary's - Saturday 27th April 2013

Southampton 0

West Brom 3

  • Fortune 6′
  • Lukaku 67′
  • Long 77′
Ref: Robert Madley
Att: 31,946

Match Report:

You know the press have been going on for months about how this was “Nigel’s team”, well today what I saw was Nigel’s team, set up as poorly as Nigel did it and with as many plan B’s as Nigel had…

In short it was complete and total shit and Pooch seriously dropped the ball with this setup, they were poorly prepared and our ability to change things around was limited by our very thin squad (in quality terms).

Frankly, I would rather forget about both WBA games this year, piss poor is perhaps being generous as a description.

Player Ratings:

Boruc: A couple of dodgy passes but apart from that it would have been much worse without him in goal, started rollicking defenders after about 10 minutes and should have kept going quite frankly, this was a team performance to get annoyed about but from Arthur I would give him a solid 6/10.

Yoshida: He was incredibly culpable for the third goal but we were chasing it and I can see he was trying to do something and make something for us, shame he completely missed his tackle though! Did all right but, in common with the rest of the defence, basically got bitched by WBA’s attacking three. A game to forget, shame about all the adoring Japanese fans (and there were loads at this game) 4/10

Hooiveld: Patchy, did a better job as a left back than he did as a centre back but, a bit like Maya, did okay without ever looking like he was going to stop WBA securely or permanently. Pulled all over the place by Long and Lukaku, 4/10

Clyne: Probably our best defender but still culpable and lost Lukaku for the second goal after being pulled all the way into their half and then not following his man back properly. Still showed an attacking threat going forward and could have scored a couple of good goals, shame he didn’t have anyone in front of him, no one had anyone in front of them if you were a full-back… 6/10

Fox: Going to get pilloried by some people, frankly I thought he had a really hard time of it as Lallana buggered off and never turned up during the entire time he was on the pitch. I understand why he got red carded, technically it could have been, but in reality it was just a piss poor performance by a piss poor referee. We are going to miss Fox and Shaw for the remaining games, I wonder who’s going to play left back because this will cause us trouble? 6/10 for his efforts, shame about the red card which wasn’t really, as annoying as he can be at times we will really miss him in this run in.

Davis: Lots of industry with little quality today, I saw him try but there wasn’t enough going on around him for even his little legs to make up for. Like most of our midfield, bypassed and forgotten, still, he was probably the best of them for this game which is not saying much, 5/10.

Jack Cork: Taken off and it was a mistake, I understand why he was taken off, the idea was to create more of an attacking game but instead it just gave Lukaku the run of the back four, 5/10 for a half but poor final ball and half a game means he can’t get any more than that.

Schneiderlin: He got better as the game went on but he basically didn’t impose himself at all, this could have been down to the fact that even though we outnumbered them in midfield nobody actually play through midfield but anyway, a poor game by his standards 5/10.

Lallana: Floating inside, no final ball, no through ball, inadequate shooting, not protecting his full-back… Bloody awful 2/10, there was one lovely bit of skill about three minutes in which stopped him getting 1/10 otherwise it was that bad and Pooch should’ve changed him out for puncheon way before the second half finished or at least told him to get on the wing and blood stay there!

Lambert: Looked knackered and irrelevant today. Didn’t beat many people in the air, when he did wasted it, a poor performer especially by Sir Rickie standards. 4/10

Rodriguez: Lots of running, no end result, long-distance shooting, miles off target, needs to run behind and pull people out of position not just run in straight lines directly at the goalkeeper. 4/10, tried hard but nothing happened.


Ramirez: Came on, which was the smart move, and then completely fecked it up, he was away from that player there was no need to chuck an elbow, effectively the game was lost there and then. We now won’t have him to call on for the rest of the run in, we will miss him less than we will miss Fox but it’s still annoying 3/10, don’t be a twat.

Mayuka: I have thought he was pretty much of a vanity buy all season but today I actually thought he had a bit about him, he had piss poor service and then two teammates less than he should have by still thought he was slightly more threatening than anything we had previous to him coming on. An interesting cameo and I suspect he will get to play some more with Ramirez gone for the rest of the season, 4/10, he didn’t do much but he might have given more time and more help.

Fonte: Brought on to stop a cricket score, did that reasonably well given the problems he inherited when he came on. Certainly no worse than anyone who was already on the pitch, 5/10, not long enough to properly say one way or the other but did okay I think.


No width, and I mean absolutely no width, there was nobody on the left for 80 minutes of the match, it was painful to see Fox look up and straight into 60 m of bare grass, there is no excuse for pouring every single player down the middle, especially when it quite obviously doesn’t fecking work (we could have told you this after about 15 minutes). none of our forwards seem to Be able to pull defenders away, none of our lot made decent runs that took anyone away from the centre (which was the only bloody place we were attacking). playing WBA there were plenty of examples of what forward running should be like with Lukaku, Long & Fortune all dragging our defence all over the place, I just hope somebody shows our guys what they did to us and Instils in them the same kind of ability and nous.

Pooch fecked up, for the first time he looked like he was being bitched, Steve Clarke had his number before they ever got to the ground and WBA looked fitter, better prepared and never likely to lose this match… Let me say that again “ never likely to lose this match”, there was just never a time during this game when they ever seemed like they were vulnerable to us, somebody needs to have a tactical rethink for these occasions.

The team look gone, they look exhausted, they look like they have given everything and now they have just shut up shop and are waiting for the summer holidays, I hope we can live with not winning another game this year because unless something changes with this team and their tactics, I think we may well be looking at our end of year points total now.

I can’t see us getting points from Sunderland or Spurs which means if we end up needing to get points we can only look at the Stoke game at the end of year for this, not an ideal situation as even when we muller them they seem to have something in the bag to deal with us… I guess we will see in May?

crash 27.04.2013



31 Boruc
02 Clyne
03 Yoshida
05 Hooiveld Booked
13 Fox Dismissed after an earlier booking
04 Schneiderlin
08 S Davis
18 Cork (Ramirez - 46' Dismissed )
20 Lallana (Mayuka - 69' )
07 Lambert (Fonte - 85' )
09 Rodriguez

01 K Davis
06 Fonte
15 Forren
10 Ramirez
21 Guly
42 Puncheon
24 Mayuka

West Brom

01 Foster
02 Reid
03 Olsson
06 Ridgewell Booked
23 McAuley
05 Yacob Booked
07 Morrison (Jones - 78' )
17 Dorrans
09 Long (Rosenberg - 88' )
20 Lukaku (Thomas - 85' )
32 Fortune Dismissed

13 Myhill
28 Jones
30 Tamas
42 Daniels
14 Thomas
08 Rosenberg
24 Odemwingie

Match Stats


  • Southampton 57%
  • West Brom 43%


  • Southampton 16
  • West Brom 11

On target

  • Southampton 4
  • West Brom 9


  • Southampton 7
  • West Brom 6


  • Southampton 9
  • West Brom 11