Premier League Away

2022 Pre World Cup

Saturday 6th August 15:00
Tottenham 4-1 Saints

Saturday 20th August 15:00
Leicester 1-2 Saints

Saturday 3rd September 15:00
Wolves 1-0 Saints

Friday 16th September 20:00
Aston Villa 1-0 Saints

Saturday 8th October 15:00
Manchester City 4-0 Saints

Wednesday 19th October 19:30
Bournemouth 0-1 Saints

Saturday 29th October 15:00
Crystal Palace 1-0 Saints

Saturday 12th November 15:00
Liverpool 3-1 Saints

Premier League Away

2022-23 Post World Cup

Saturday 31st December 15:00
Fulham 2-1 Southampton

Saturday 14th January 15:00
Everton 1-2 Southampton

Saturday 4th February 15:00
Brentford v Southampton

Saturday 18th February 15:00
Chelsea v Southampton

Saturday 25th February 15:00
Leeds v Southampton

Saturday 11th March 15:00
Manchester United v Southampton

Saturday 1st April 15:00
West Ham 1-0 Southampton

Saturday 22nd April 15:00
Arsenal v Southampton

Saturday 29th April 15:00
Newcastle v Southampton

Saturday 6th May 15:00
Nottingham Forest v Southampton

Saturday 20th May 15:00
Brighton v Southampton

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