Saints 2019-20 Season

|Well, here we are, another season is underway. At the time of writing the shifting of the dead wood is ongoing, but not yet complete. If you look at the signings page it is showing just the four players and one of those is Danny Ings, who was at the club on loan last season. Having said that, the three new players have had an immediate impact and that is something that could not be said about many intakes over the years.

As for the other pages this season, the home and away Premier League pages have the initial fixtures listed, but be aware that those are subject to change to take into account the vagaries of the TV companies. I will try to keep these updated, but sometimes real life gets in the way of such things and there is a short delay after the initial announcement.



Due to the worldwide outbreak of Coronavirus/Covid-19 the Premier League was suspended from Saturday, March 14th, which in Saints case was the away game at Norwich. It is somewhat less than clear when/if the 2019/2020 season will be completed



The Premier League has agreed a format with the clubs that should see them able to complete the season. No crowds will be allowed and the matches will be free to view. The first three Saints games have been announced and if you go to the IBO 2019/20 Home and IBO 2019/20 Away pages you can see the fixtures updated as they become known.



The dates and times of the final matches of the 2019/20 season have now been confirmed and the broadcaster where applicable. The only unknown is who is going to cover the final match of the season against Sheffield United. As above, go to the IBO 2019/20 Home and IBO 2019/20 Away pages for details



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